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Vitls is a technology company that was founded by Werner Vorster and his wife Louise Vorster.  The two founders developed a next generation, body worn device that can measure telemetry based vital signs continuously and accurately.  This device is patented, small, unobtrusive, flexible and made out of a biocompatible material.  The founders utilized cloud-based algorithms that convert the clinically accurate data into actionable information for both parents and doctors to access from anywhere.

High-Level Description

According to Werner, Vitls is a technology company that is building revolutionary medical devices for homes and hospitals.  The benefit of Vitls is that now a child or patient’s vitals can be monitored continuously, reliably and undisturbed – from anywhere!

Idea Generation

Vitls was created to address a need.  The need was to have something that could continuously and accurately measure the founder’s son’s temperature remotely.  Werner’s son, Emjay suffered from something known as “febrile seizures.”  These febrile seizures were brought on by his temperature rising too fast or too high.  Werner and his wife initially monitored this issue by taking turns watching over Emjay at night.  They would spend nights in Emjay’s room in order to monitor his temperature intermittently so that they could react as soon as it spiked.  Constantly having to monitor their son put Werner and his wife under a lot of pressure.  On top of that, it caused Emjay a lot of discomfort.  At the time Werner was using an in-ear thermometer because nothing better was available.


The competition in this space is certainly growing.  Some top competitors at this time are Braun, Owlet, Feversmart and TempTraq.  The target market that Vitls is addressing consists of the parents of children 0-4 years old.  Currently, there are approximately 24 million in the United States and United Kingdom alone.

Entrepreneurial Challenges

Vitls faced several key challenges while starting up the company and developing the device.  Some of the key challenges consisted of:

  • Finding the right partners for hardware and software development.
  • Building a network of investor contacts.
  • Getting introduced to investors.
  • Getting funded (which Werner mentioned is a work in progress!).

Werner also mentioned that one of the easier things for Vitls was filing for patents and incorporating in the United States.


Vitls is a very interesting company and it will be interesting to see how things progress going forward. Funding is obviously going to be a big priority for Werner and his wife.  Vitls recently launched a Fundable campaign so be sure to check out their page –  Also, please be sure to check out Vitls’ site at and follow them on Twitter @VitlsInc

Some other social media for the company can be accessed here as well: Facebook, AngelList, Crunchbase and LinkedIn.

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