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Happier House is an online platform that allows homeowners to eliminate “the middleman” by providing wholesale prices on materials, and all-inclusive pricing on installation.  The company was founded by Izzy DiChiara and three other partners.  Happier House can be a useful tool for homeowners, by helping them save up to 30% on renovations, repairs, and remodeling projects.  The company is based in Dallas, Texas and has recently expanded the service to Miami.

The Product

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Our Conversation

About a week ago, I had the chance to speak with the founder of Happier House, Izzy DiChiara.  Throughout our conversation, Izzy discussed more about his business and some of the challenges that he has faced while working on it.

High-Level Description

According to Izzy, Happier House is a platform that provides homeowners with up to 30% savings for the home improvement process.  The platform does this by offering all-inclusive pricing for installation.  Also, wholesale prices on materials are offered and local contractors are vetted to do the work on projects.  Happier House has the labor cost included upfront — Saving homeowners time and money by using technology to manage their projects, eliminating the need for a typical “contractor” and their large overhead and salesmen commission fees.

Idea Generation

In 2008, Hurricane “Ike” hit. Izzy was called by his brother-in-law and was asked to help him with marketing efforts for his construction company.  Many people were affected by this tragedy.  Izzy decided to talk with homeowners to see how they were dealing with what happened.  After speaking with about 100 different people, Izzy “saw a void.”  People were not happy with the process that they had to go through to repair their homes.  A big issue with the process was that there was no price transparency.  A home owner showed Izzy cost estimates from several different companies (there were 8 quotes) and all of the quotes were different.  The homeowner was frustrated with the fact that out of 8 quotes, none were the same.  Izzy decided to create a platform that addressed the need for a better process.


According to Izzy, there are some similar concepts out there but none that offer true price transparency.  Izzy mentioned that Happier House is somewhat of a home concierge service.  All other competitors, essentially take a homeowner’s information and give it to contractors, which turns into the homeowner getting bombarded with emails, calls, and even text messages from various contractors.

Entrepreneurial Influence

Izzy has always had an entrepreneurial mindset.  In 1998, he bought a Mac computer and began creating logos for companies.  He has a strong background in branding.  Throughout his life he was always starting up companies with little capital.  On top of his branding and digital marketing background, he is also a self-taught “coder.”  He learned how to build websites for people by picking up a book on html and learning on the fly.

Name Generation

When the platform originally launched, it was called Roof Zero. The reason being was because at the time, the company only dealt with roofing.  Somewhere between 2013-2014, the company was renamed and became Happier House.  Happier House was a better name because it allowed the company to offer more services (addressing a larger market).

Entrepreneurial Challenges

Some of the challenges that Izzy and his team faced when creating the company were:

  • Developing the quoting algorithm
  • Spreading the word
  • Being recognized

Izzy and his team faced many common problems that entrepreneurs constantly face while trying to get their products or services off the ground and ready to launch.


Izzy is a great person to speak with.  His passion for his venture is clear as soon as you begin talking with him.  It will be interesting to see how Happier House grows over the next few years.  Best of luck to Izzy and his team on a successful launch.  Please be sure to check out Happier House’s site at http://happierhouse.com/ and follow them on Twitter @HappierHouse

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